Camping Equipment And Sites For a Northwest Vacation

Residents of the Northwest United State

Residents of the Northwest United States are proud of the conservation efforts put forth in their state. Washington, Oregon and Idaho have preserved some of the most beautiful forests, mountains, deserts and valleys for generations of outdoors enthusiasts.

Much of the land in these great states is made available for people all over the country to enjoy on a regular basis. Camping, hiking, hunting and fishing are popular vacation activities in this part of the country because there are so many diverse places to go and see.

Camping in the Northwest is a popular past time that can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter what their skill level or age. When camping in this area of the country, there are a few things that must be considered and equipment that should be taken.


It is important to have durable, waterproof camping gear, no matter what season you are camping in, because this is an area that might be cold or wet unexpectedly, even in the middle of the summer. You also want to be sure that you have plenty of good lighting gear.

LED lanterns and flashlights work best in the dense forests of the Northwest because they provide you with an even, long-lasting light. Having a reliable, compact light is important in this area because often time campsites can be located deep into the mountains or forests.

These locations require that campers hike in, so packing lightly but smartly is very important.

Washington, Oregon, and Idaho are full of great camping locations. The states are filled with diverse national and state park areas. Explorers that enjoy mountain wildernesses will find great camping in the coastal ranges up Oregon and Washington and along their many rivers.

Desert campers can find relaxing places in eastern Oregon and in Idaho. Even winter campers that enjoy the snow can find open sites around Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and The Three Sisters. These areas have excellent camping areas that can provide you with a great place to stay, beautiful sites, and a lot to do while your are there.

Located in Northwest Washington, the Olympics is the home to both the towering Olympic Mountains and the Pacific coastline. The Bogachiel, Sequim Bay, Old Fort Townsend and Fort Worden State Parks are a few of many camping and hiking destinations in the area. Camping on the peninsula requires waterproof equipment.

Deschutes National Forest
Central Oregon is the home of the Deschutes National Forest. This area has great camping sites right in the middle of some of the oldest forests in North America. Camping here can be easy or challenging, depending on what you are looking for.

When camping in the desert, make sure to pack plenty of water and food. Also, packing a powerful lantern or set of flashlights is important as the deserts in the Northwest are very dark at night.

Priest Lake State Park
The Priest Lake State Park is one of the favorite camping destinations for Idaho residents because of its diverse options. Camping is available all along the shoreline of Priest Lake and Upper Priest Lake, as well as on the Lake’s islands themselves.

These are just a sample of the many incredible camping locations located in the beautiful, green Northwest. Campers can find information on camping fees, hiking trails and site amenities by looking online at the various state park websites.

~ Ben Anton, 2008

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